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Our Press Pass is for Travel & Cruise Writers and Photographers who freelance, are not associated with and organization either domestically or internationally.

For Travel & Cruise Journalists and Photographers Only

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A press pass is an ID Card that's used when you go to an event or venue on a tour or on a cruise ship. In some instances you will need this card and an active assignment to apply for an event or venue press pass. CLICK HERE to buy your Media Pass from Us

There are four categories of media and press pass credentials (Ours is specifically for those who wish to write about travel & leisure and about the cruise line industry):

  1. When you work for a specific media related company (radio, television, magazine or newspaper) that organization provides you the media credentials that will give you access to events and venues not open to the general public.
  2. If you don't work for a magazine or newspaper then you are a freelancer. You need to obtain your press credentials from us or go to one of the following organizations: the National Press Club (requires a sponsor), National Press Photographers Association, the US Press Association, the International Travel Writers and Photographers Alliance or the International Association of Press Photographers. When you buy a press pass from one of these organizations it will cost between $60 to $100 when you fill out your press pass application through one of these organizations. Then annually you will be charged between $109 and $500 or more to obtain a press pass. Sometimes you even have to pay extra to obtain your id or badge.

    NOTE: The cost to apply for your first press pass badge through our organization will only be $100 then the annual charge will be only $50. See Item D below for discount info.


  3. Government issued press ID's are often required by state and federal government to gain access to court rooms and government sponsored events. Many city and state governmental agencies have different policies and application fees that you need to follow and submit when your apply for press credentials needed to gain access to their events and/or buildings. To apply for this type of media pass you need to visit the agency website that you wish to report on.
  4. Event credentials are often needed when you wish to gain unprecedented access to events like rock concerts or sporting events to photograph, write about specific events. These credentials allow you to go back stage to see what the general public isn't allowed. When you make an application to obtain a press pass to those events you will often be asked if you are "on assignment". If you freelance and you do not have a specific assignment then you need to find a news organization or magazine that wants your article about that event. Sometimes your application will be denied if you don't have an assignment.

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When you complete your press pass application with our agency, you will have the advantage over other credential processing centers that issue media passes:

  1. You will be able to work as a freelance journalist or photographer.
  2. If you want access to a venue and don't currently have an assignment, you can say that you are on assignment for one of our media outlets as a travel or cruise industry writer. We also accept video as long as our business is mentioned in the credits.
  3. Unlike the specific Press ID cards that are issued to our other associates, you don't have to book your cruise or travel arrangement through my agency.
  4. The cost to apply for your first press pass badge will be $100 then the annual charge will be only $50. You own the rights to your work. If you wish to have the annual charge waived then you will need to book the hotel, car rentals, vacation or cruise through our agency at least once a year.
  5. You will be listed in our data base of people who have been issued an ID through us.
  6. You will get your press pass and credentials each year with updated information.
  7. If you arrange your cruise or travel arrangements through us, we will personally verify your credentials when contacted by phone. We will also contact the cruise lines that you will be on assignment with us for a specific cruise.
  8. Since 2010, Travel with Oliver and Cruise with Bruce Enterprises has been reporting about travel and cruise vacations. If you are new to radio or television reporting, travel writing or photojournalism you will be able to participate as an official representative for several of our media outlets including: radio, internet television, web blog and for our bi-monthly magazine. 
  9. To obtain a press pass click here to submit your application and application fee to buy a press pass. You will need a PayPal account and/or a credit card.

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